Retail, commercial comings & goings for Q3

Two restaurants and two clothing boutiques were among the retail and commercial turnover in the third quarter of 2015.

In July, we reviewed some of the turnover during the first half of 2015 and here’s an update on activity during the third quarter (July-September):
Hugo's Restaurant coming soon

  • Hugo’s Restaurant, offering Peruvian cuisine, will take over the space formerly occupied by Little Portugal, which had occupied the space since early 2011. Before that, there was a restaurant called The Original Nile, which was there for a little over a year before leaving in fall 2009.

    Most folks though will probably remember it best as the location of the bar, The Back Porch, which closed sometime in 2008 if memory serves correctly.

  • Kims In The Mix

  • Kim’s In The Mix restaurant and cafe had a good run — just about six years at the corner of West Main and Irving streets, opening in 2009. A sign in the window indicated that it would close in August but still offer personal chef services. It has since been replaced by a simple “For Rent” sign.

    A few years ago,’s Munchmobile called the soul food cafe one of the best stops of their summer restaurant tour, specifically the banana pudding cake. Kim’s also got a little love in our last Favorite Restaurant poll a couple of years ago.

  • Trendz2Envy opened in August at 1417 Main St.. The space previously was occupied by Times of Grace tattoo/gallery, which moved around the corner to East Milton Avenue.
  • Hello Gorgeous, a women’s clothing boutique, took over the space at 1567 Irving St. previously occupied by the Java Shop, opening earlier this month.
  • Fiesta Cancun Mexican restaurant and cantina, on Monroe Street, which had been coming soon as of the last quarter, opened in late August.
  • With any luck, the next quarter will bring the debut of Wet Ticket Brewing, which is aiming to open this year.
  • Bouncelight Studio, a digital photography workshops, opened in the East Cherry Street mall.

    By no means is this a comprehensive list, just places I noticed or that someone had mentioned to me. Anyone we’re missing?

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    1. Nieces Pieces by the Parking Garage is going out of business. It may be gone already haven’t been by in a couple of weeks

      1. Thanks Nanci. Yes, I had noticed the Going Out of Business signs earlier in the year but it still seemed to be in operation whenever I passed by. I’ll be sure to make a note of it the time time I post a roundup, for the fourth quarter.

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