Restaurants would draw us downtown

Casual, upscale dining garnered the highest consistent interest among four categories of respondents to the Rahway Survey. Opinions were more varied among other retail choices.

Of the 614 surveys completed, 73 percent of respondents live in Rahway. Respondents were presented with a series of pre-qualified retail categories and asked if that would make them more likely to visit Rahway.

Responses were compared from those who live here to those who live elsewhere, and also from people who have lived in Rahway for less than five years and those who are considering moving here. The report compared selected survey responses from residents against the same responses from non-residents. “The importance of understanding these differences is in the information’s ability to help us attract non-residents to move here,” according to the report, compiled by Community Insights.

Residents and non-residents were similar in favoring casual upscale dining and fine dining, but residents were much more likely to look for a grocery store, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, and toys, games and hobbies.

“Potential residents place a greater emphasis on the arts and entertainment while newer residents have a stronger desire for good public schools, children’s and family clothing,” the report said. “Potential residents appear to be seeking a lifestyle while newer residents appear to be looking for a home to start and raise their families.”

Potential and new residents both expressed high levels of interest in downtown living, but less than 10 percent of residents were interested in purchasing a home downtown. Potential residents are less likely to to live in New York City and more likely to live in Union or Middlesex counties. [CORRECTION TO ORIGINAL POST IN ITALICS.]

The survey results by comparison (resident v. non-resident, potential v. newer) are viewable in a Google spreadsheet here (Categories in which responses differed by at least 10 percent are highlighted in bold italics). There is a margin of error of 4 percent.

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