Redevelopment commissioner steps down

The Redevelopment Agency will have another vacancy going forward after a commissioner’s recent retirement.

Paul Sefranka retired and stepped down from the board, effective Dec. 31 Dec. 4, leaving two years on his current term. The announcement came during the Redevelopment Agency’s Dec. 2 meeting, when the board approved a resolution (27-15) acknowledging his years of service after referencing a resignation letter via email.

A former Zoning Board member, Sefranka was appointed to the Redevelopment Agency in September 2011 (AR-240-11) [.pdf] and reappointed to a four-year term in 2014. He informed the mayor via a Nov. 5 email, explaining that he will be relocating in the future and felt it prudent to step down ahead of the agency’s annual organization meeting on Jan. 6.

Commissioners are unpaid and appointed by the mayor with confirmation by City Council. The seven-member board has had one seat vacant since the resignation of Sondra Fishinger in the spring and it looks like there will be two vacancies for the time being since no appointment appears on the City Council’s reorganization/pre-conference meeting agenda (.pdf) on Jan. 4.

The Redevelopment Agency next will meet on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

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