Redevelopment Agency marketing plan

A 30-minute video chronicling redevelopment history and the key players behind it, a pocket-size downtown map of significant projects, and a tablet/smartphone app were among the tools presented to the Redevelopment Agency by a marketing firm to lure potential developers.

The DavidHenry Agency presented a video and demonstrated an app at the Dec. 10 Redevelopment Agency meeting, outlining the history of redevelopment in Rahway, along with the efforts of the agency and city officials, and highlighting several key projects. The Redevelopment Agency awarded a $135,500 contract in May to the Westfield-based marketing firm.

The priciest items in the contract were about $18,000 each for print/production of a folder and brochure; a website with social media integration including layout content and design; and, an interactive project development app. David Fink of The DavidHenry Agency said the demo will be a platform to lure developers with the brochures and websites.

In addition to the 30-minute DVD, the development app was demonstrated at the December Redevelopment Agency meeting. The app can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet and provides information and background, including video, about various projects within the city. A website specifically dedicated for the Redevelopment Agency is not yet live and the agency also has a Twitter accountLinkedIn account, and Facebook page. UPDATE: The Redevelopment Agency website is now live, including the video.

The video features excerpts from interviews with city officials, including Redevelopment Director and former longtime City Administrator Peter Pelissier, Redevelopment Agency Chairman William Rack, former Mayor James Kennedy, and other developers and officials. (Conspicuously absent from the video, other than perhaps a passing reference as the current mayor, is Mayor Rick Proctor.). The video lasts a considerable 30 minutes but is broken down into about five chapters, including one of near canonization of former Mayor Kennedy that’s almost to the point of embarrassment.

Redevelopment Agency Secretary Cindy Solomon said the agency will be sending packets to developers and the video will play at Hamilton Stage, other facilities as well as the local cable access channel.

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