Redevelopment Agency commissioner steps down

Redevelopment Agency Commissioner Matt Dobrowloski resigned his seat on the Redevelopment Agency, effective Sept. 25.

In a brief letter dated Sept. 25 to Redevelopment Agency Chairman William Rack, Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier and Mayor Samson Steinman, Dobrowloski thanked them for the opportunity to serve and said he looked forward to staying involved.

He is chairman of The Taste of Spring and also has served on the board of the Rahway Parking Authority. In response to an inquiry about the reasons for his resignation, Dobrowloski said his work as a Realtor for individuals and developers in the area could sometimes create potential conflicts of interest, so he thought it would be best to step down at this time.

Dobrowloski was appointed in January 2010 to fill the remaining term of Carlos Garay, who stepped down after his term after his term for personal reasons. The mayor said he hopes to have replacement candidates presented to City Council at its next meeting, which is scheduled for Oct. 15.

Redevelopment Agency commissioners, who are not paid, are appointed to four-year terms, with confirmation by City Council. Dobrowloski’s resignation leaves two vacancies on the seven-member board, which currently has five commissioners: Rack, Timothy Nash, Anthony Diege (reappointed May 2013), Paul Sefranka and Michael Staryak (appointed March 2012).

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