R.I.P. Kings Inn tower, hello Super 8

In case you missed it, the infamous tower at the former Kings Inn motel is no more, having been demolished last month. The hotel itself is no longer a Kings Inn but a newly renovated Super 8, one of more than a dozen brands within Wyndham.

The newly renovated 49-room hotel on Route 1 near Hancock and Lawrence streets opened for business last Thursday. Rates start at about $80 per night.

The facility is a far cry from what you might remember of the old Kings Inn. To get a sense of what the rooms looked like before, check out this Ted Leo and the Pharmacists music video which was filmed in one of the old rooms of the Kings Inn; the old tower makes a cameo about 7 seconds in, and interiors begin about 20 seconds in.

Steve Patel, who owns the hotel with his father, appeared before the Redevelopment Agency earlier this year to explain their intention to demolish the tower that stood on the north end of the property. They were in the midst of extensive renovations before Hurricane Irene flooded the hotel in August 2011, requiring another complete renovation.


The former tower housed the lobby/office which is now located in the main building, along with the addition of a breakfast area that reduce the number of rooms from 52 to 49.

The property was acquired in June 2012 for $770,000 (compared to the $1.1 million it went for in 2004), according to property records. The tax assessment was reduced from $741,300 in 2012 to $629,000 in 2013, for a property tax bill of about $38,000.

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