Proposal for Wheatena runs into ‘issues’

The developer behind a concept to build several hundred residential units at the former Wheatena site has discovered some issues in the title search but also estimates environmental cleanup costs could be more than originally expected.

In his report submitted to Redevelopment Agency ahead of their scheduled May meeting, Executive Director Peter Pelissier updated commissioners on the proposed Brownstones development targeted for the former Wheatena site at West Grand and Elizabeth avenues.

dd973-img_0325George Capodagli, managing member of West New York-based Capodagli Property Company — which has been negotiating to acquire the property for at least a year — advised that the title company has “discovered some issues pertaining to ownership of the land that needs to be clarified.” The cost of environmental clean-up with the property also is “very significant and greater than expected.” When Capodagli appeared before the agency in April 2013, he estimated cleanup costs could be as much as $1 million.

Most of the various parcels making up more than 7 acres are owned by the Los Angeles-based David and Sylvia Weisz Foundation, according to property records.

The redevelopment agreement for The Brownstones, approved last August, can be found here (Part 1 and Part 2; Pages 33-34 of Part 2 might be most interesting to you: renderings of the concept plan). The concept proposes as many as 400 residential units.

4 thoughts on “Proposal for Wheatena runs into ‘issues’”

  1. A recreation center like the one in Wdbge. should be put there instead of brownstones…don’t you think we have enough apartments being built in Rahway with the rent being sky high? Try thinking about the kids.

  2. Rahway already built a Rec Center 10 years ago less than a mile away. Is there really demand for a second one? Also, if one was to be built, it would be done city taxes.

    As for high rents, *in theory*, increasing the number of apartments should meet or decrease demand, and eventually lower rents. Of course, that’s in theory. But the newer developments seem to be getting these prices, and continue to, so it seems as though there is demand. Just an observation, not pushing the current plan for Wheatena or opposed to something else (retail?)

  3. Wow, if it’s not all fake stucco & stone it’s a great concept. Also the north Rahway stop was behind it until they rebuilt the
    Main Rahway stop in 1999.

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