Poll: What’s your favorite restaurant in Rahway?

It’s hard to believe that our last “Favorite Restaurant” poll took place more than three years ago, so why not try it again. The poll includes BYO restaurants as well as restaurants with bars, so it’s a mix of both — really anywhere there is sit-down service for more than a few tables. Base your vote on what you think is best, period, whatever that might mean to you, whether it’s food, service, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts as to why in the comments section.

You’ll have about two weeks to cast your vote so get to it. We’ll post results when they’re completed and this time we’re trying a new format for voting. Have fun!

Click here to take the survey or scoll down.

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5 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your favorite restaurant in Rahway?”

  1. Well that is strange. On my page, it's just a tag and there is no space for "other" to check off.EDIT: Ok, I see. The entire poll does not show on the page. Not sure why all of them don't show up at first.

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