Poll: What’s your favorite pizza place in Rahway?

The NJ.com Munchmobile’s recent visit to Nancy’s Towne House got me thinking that it’s long overdue for a reader poll on the blog.

So, we’re back with our most popular annual poll:

What's your favorite pizza place in Rahway?

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Anyone we’re missing? The poll will be open for roughly two weeks, with results posted shortly thereafter.

pizza bedHere are results from last summer’s favorite pizza poll. We’ve seen quite a bit of turnover in pizza joints the last few years, with several going dark, including Gino’s Pizzeria on Irving Street, Gio’s (formerly Buona) on Madison Hill Road at Westfield Avenue, and Ted’s Pizzeria on Whittier turning into a Mexican place.

And here are results from previous year’s pizza polls:

Always open to suggestions for our next poll, so feel free to comment below or shoot me a message.

3 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your favorite pizza place in Rahway?”

  1. This past year we tried some we had missed previously and went back to another we disliked on prior occasions (Micholino’s being one – it was much better than previous visits).

    However, Plum Tomato, has become our go-to. The flavor reminds me most of the pies I grew up with in Brooklyn, and they also make a killer Grandma Pie, something not found in many New Jersey pizzarias. That alone keeps us coming back on a regular basis.

    I am usually disappointed with most pizza in the remainder of restaurants in town, other than Nancy’s, which is darn good but not what I really crave when I want pizza.

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