Poll: What’s your favorite BYO restaurant?

It’s nearing the end of summer so let’s try to have more fun with some reader polls before we get back in the swing of things. For instance, the all important question of: What’s your favorite BYO restaurant in Rahway?

I’ve been meaning to post this poll for some time because the BYO (Bring Your Own) is a very underrated yet important part of any well-rounded business district.

To attract all types of consumers, you have to cater to those who like to have a drink as well as those who might prefer not to; it’s all part of a balanced BYO.2ecosystem of restaurants, if you will. The BYO also can attract the cost-conscious — whether they prefer to drink or not, what they do prefer is avoiding a bar tab. There also are those who believe the food is better at a BYO because the focus is on the menu rather than the liquor.

Given the state’s arcane liquor laws, I’m surprised BYOs aren’t even more popular in New Jersey. Plus, BYOs can be a great complement to your local liquor store or wine shop too.

For this poll, I included any establishment that has table service and obviously excluded any that serve liquor; other places might be included in a future poll, perhaps Favorite Takeout or Favorite Latin/Mexican, or something else. I’m always open to suggestions.

What's Your Favorite BYO Restaurant in Rahway?

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Have I missed anyone? Any other suggestions? Feel free to add in the comments or vote for “Other” but please do explain. And tell your friends – thanks!