Poll results: What’s your favorite pizza place?

The results of our latest poll are in, and here they are:

“What’s your favorite place for pizza in Rahway?”
Nancy’s Towne House, 26 percent (48/183 votes)
Rahway Pizza, 17 percent (32/183)

Other, 12 percent (22/183)
Michelino’s, 10 percent (19/183)
Papa Vito, 9 percent (17/183)
Tony’s, 8 percent (15/183)
Gino’s, 4 percent (9/183)
Brooklyn Pizza, 3 percent (7/183)
Nunzio’s II, 3 percent (6/183)

Subworks, 2 percent (4/183)
Ted’s Pizzeria, 2 percent (4/183)
KC’s Pizzeria, 0 percent (0/183)

Use the comment section of this post to offer opinions on your favorites, debate the results or clue us in on who the 22 “Other” votes may have been.


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