Poll results: What’s your favorite pizza place?

If our last poll is any indication, there are two pretty clear favorites among Rahway pizza parlors, a few more that get some support among readers, followed by a smattering of others around town.

Nancy’s Towne House came out on top, getting as much support percentage-wise as the second and third vote-getters combined, Rahway Pizza and Papa Vito. Nancy’s and Rahway Pizza together grabbed more than half of the overall votes in our completely unscientific poll.

What’s your favorite pizza place in Rahway?

Nancy’s Towne House, 31 percent (27/87 votes)
Rahway Pizza, 21 percent (19/21)
Papa Vito, 10 percent (9/87)
Tony’s, 8 percent (7/87)
Brooklyn Pizza, 6 percent (6/87)
Gino’s, 5 percent, (5/87)
Nunzio’s II, 5 percent (5/87)
KC’s Pizzeria, 3 percent (3/87)
Michelino’s, 3 percent (3/87)

Buona Pizza, 1 percent (1/87)
Subworks, 1 percent (1/87)
Ted’s Pizzeria, 1 percent (1/87)
Other, 0/87

There was quite a drop-off in votes cast since our last pizza poll, which saw 183 votes, and Nancy’s also coming out on top. The time before that, we had 92 votes, and Rahway Pizza was the top vote-getter, followed by Nancy’s, and a stronger showing from Michelino’s. Thanks to those who took the time to vote and I hope you had fun with it.

What do you think of the results? Agree/Disagree? Why/why not? Have you tried them all?

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