Poll results: Reduce mayor and Council salaries

More than a third of voters in our latest poll agreed that City Council should reduce the mayor’s salary, with another quarter adding that salaries for City Council members should be cut as well.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on a salary ordinance tomorrow night that would reduce the mayor’s salary by 68 percent, to $20,809.

Should the City Council reduce the mayor’s salary?* Yes. 34 percent (44/128 votes)
* Yes, but they should all be cut, including Council members. 23 percent (30/128)
* Not only cut, but salaries for all elected officials, and then some, should be cut. 17 percent (23/128)
* No. 12 percent, (16/128)
* No; you get what you pay for; they should be paid something to attract worthy candidates. 7 percent (10/128)
* Times are tough, make cuts wherever you can. 3 percent (5/128)

There were a total 128 votes cast in the latest poll and there was as smattering of votes both for and against that I received via email, which I’m not sure if they actually went to the site and clicked on the poll.

I always like to offer more than a yes/no question in the poll, and I realized too late (after I’d posted it and some votes had already come in) that I should’ve had another option, something like, “No, it reeks of political retribution,” since that’s what the mayor is claiming. Perhaps that would’ve gotten some more votes for the no group, or least another option, compared to the three “Yes” options. Either way, about three quarters of the votes favored a reduction in some way, and 40 percent wanted to cut all salaries, not just the mayor’s. In all, 20 percent of votes said don’t cut the mayor’s salary.

Remember this is a simple poll that, if you have enough time to waste, can be manipulated. It’s not exactly scientific.