Poll results: Favorite Rahway pizza

For the third year in a row, Nancy’s Towne House has won our favorite pizza poll. The Main Street institution has never finished worse than second.

Nancy's Towne HouseOf course, the poll is completely unscientific but I for one enjoy Nancy’s and look forward to the day — sometime soon — that I can order some thin-crust and enjoy it at Rahway’s own local brewery just a few doors away. Or perhaps even order a fresh pint of Wet Ticket on tap at Nancy’s. It just makes all the sense in the world!

Anyway, here are the final results from voting earlier this month:

  1. Nancy’s Towne House, 47 percent (89 of 189 votes)
  2. Tony’s Pizza Cafe, 18 percent (34/189)
  3. Plum Tomato, 10 percent (19/189)
  4. Nunzio’s II, 6 percent (12/189)
  5. Brooklyn Pizza, 4 percent (8/189)
  6. Michelino’s, 4 percent (8/189)
  7. My Lil’ John’s Pizza, 3 percent (6/189)
  8. Subworks, 3 percent (5/189)
  9. KC’s Pizzeria, 2 percent (4/189)
  10. Other, 2 percent (4/189)

Nancy’s has taken the crown more often than not in recent years; it’s more just a matter of whether it’s garnered the majority of votes. There seems to be a rivalry brewing between Tony’s Pizza Cafe and Plum Tomato (the former Pap’a Vito), known for its “grandma pie,” apparently. The two pizza joints – both on the west side of town – have swapped second- and third-place finishes the last few years.

And of course there are fewer options of late, with Gino’s on Irving Street selling its building and Ted’s Pizzeria on Whittier Street going Mexican in recent years. But we do have a newcomer to this year’s poll, My Lil’ John’s on Westfield Avenue, which fared pretty well for a first-timer.

So, who were the four votes for “other”?

Any polls you’d like to see on the blog? Favorite bar? Favorite dine-in restaurant? Or something else, I’m all ears — just let me know. Thanks for reading!

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