Poll results: Favorite Rahway BYO

So apparently pizza draws more attention than BYO restaurants. The votes in our latest poll of favorite BYO restaurant totaled 55 while the annual pizza poll tallied almost 190.

beana-sBut still, there were quite a variety of BYOs in our poll that split the vote, despite the fewer ballots. Three seemed to stand out, garnering a third of the vote, and another quarter each, but far short of any majority.

Perhaps part of the reason fro the low vote is that some of these choices are fairly new (Taste of Marina’s opened this year while Hugo’s Restaurant and Nygel’s both opened last year), and others that fared well have been around a few years (Just Plain Dave’s) and others seemingly forever (Bean’s Para Siempre and La Malinche).

“What’s your favorite BYO restaurant in Rahway?”

  1. Beana’s Para Siempre, 33 percent, (18/55 votes)
  2. Just Plain Dave’s, 25 percent (14/55)
  3. La Malinche, 24 percent (13/55)
  4. Sabor Peruano, 11 percent (6/55)
  5. Nygel’s American Cuisine, 4 percent (2/55)
  6. Taste of Marina’s, 2 percent (1/55)
  7. Other, 2 percent (1/55)
  8. Hugo’s Restaurant, 0 percent (0/55)

I included in this poll any eatery that offers table service and doesn’t have a liquor license, pretty simple. But there could be some overlap with other polls as some of these could be included in other surveys, such as, Favorite Breakfast place or Favorite Mexican or Latin.

There was one vote for “Other;” anyone care to divulge their choice?