Poll results: Favorite breakfast place

You wake up late on a Saturday morning and you don’t feel like making breakfast. Where do you go? Everyone’s got their favorites in Rahway, and five places in particular fared well in our latest poll.

Galaxy Diner & Cafe and Big Belly Deli jumped out to an early lead in the first days of the poll, before Big Al’s Luncheonette (formerly Carmine’s) saw a spike in votes, getting most of its votes in the third day, and came out of nowhere to take over the top spot and held on. Ming’s Luncheonette and Mr. Apple Pie rounded out the top five.

In all, 124 “ballots” were cast, with just about half of them cast within the first four days that the poll was posted. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to vote, but remember it’s by no means any kind of scientific poll. I’m open to suggestions for a future poll question; maybe we’ll bring back the “Favorite pizza place” poll, which hasn’t appeared in quite awhile.

If anyone knows what the 5 “other” votes might be, feel free to use the comments. Also, if you ever visit one of the places, let us know what you think in the comments section. I know there are still a few of these that I haven’t been to yet. Enjoy!

“What’s your favorite place for breakfast?”
Big Al’s Luncheonette, 21% (27/124 votes)
Galaxy Diner & Cafe, 17% (22/124)
Big Belly Deli, 15% (19/124)
Mr. Apple Pie, 12% (15/124)
Ming’s Luncheonette, 12% (15/124)
Yuno Bagel, 5% (7/124)
Bianca’s Deli, 4% (5/124)
Dunkin’ Donuts, 4% (5/124)
Other 4% (5/124)
Ted & Fran’s Rahway Grill, 2% (3/124)
InTheMix Cafe, 0% (0/124)