Pizza poll results: Your favorite pizzeria

The results of the latest pizza poll are in and it pretty much came down to two pizza places that garnered more than two-thirds of the total 155 votes tallied:

What’s your favorite place for pizza in Rahway?
Nunzio’s II, 40 percent (62/155 votes)
Nancy’s Towne House, 27 percent (42/155)
Tony’s, 7 percent (11/155)
Papa Vito’s/Plum Tomato, 6 percent (10/155)
Brooklyn Pizza, 5 percent (8/155)
Gino’s, 5 percent (8/155)
Michelino’s, 3 percent (6/155)
Other, 2 percent (4/155)
Ted’s Pizzeria, 1 percent (2/155)
Subworks, 0.65 percent (1/155)
Buona Pizza, 0 percent (0/155)

KC’s Pizzeria, 0 percent (0/155)

The first day of the poll brought in almost 30 votes, with Nancy’s Towne House grabbing the early lead. After a few more days and a few dozen more votes, Nancy’s Towne House and another contender, Nunzio’s II, seemed to have separated themselves from the pack. It was a two-horse race from there on in, with the two pizzerias finishing with more than two-thirds of all the votes.

Nancy’s has always fared well in the poll but Nunzio’s II was a bit of a surprise considering its modest finishes in previous polls. Third place went to Tony’s and the former Papa Vito, now going by the name Plum Tomato, was the only other option that grabbed at least 10 votes.

What was odd though was a week or two into the poll, we surprisingly got more than 20 votes in one day, and most of them seemingly for one particular place (Nunzio’s II). That always raises some questions since we don’t track where votes came from and it can be manipulated by most anyone who’d have the time or effort to feel like doing it.

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