Pizza poll results are in

Some 40 votes were cast within the first day of our favorite pizza poll, which ultimately ended with more than 100 votes cast and one decisive winner.

There were 107 votes cast over the course of a couple of weeks in the poll. That’s note quite as many as most pizza polls have garnered in the past, including 189 votes last year, and a number of other years when totals have eclipsed more than 180 votes. But as far as this year’s results, here they are…

What’s Your Favorite Pizza Place in Rahway?

  1. Nancy’s Towne House, 36 percent (39/107 votes)
  2. Tony’s Pizza Cafe, 20 percent (21/107)
  3. Nunzio’s II, 12 percent (13/107)
  4. Plum Tomato, 12 percent (13/107)
  5. Brooklyn Pizza, 8 percent (9/107)
  6. Michelino’s Pizza, 6 percent (6/107)
  7. Other, 4 percent (4/107)
  8. Subworks, 2 percent (2/107)
  9. KC’s Pizzeria, 0 percent (0/107)

Nancy's Towne HouseIt’s the fourth year in a row that Nancy’s Towne House on Main Street has won the pizza poll, with a healthy lead of almost twice as many votes as Tony’s Pizza Cafe. Nunzio’s II on West Grand Avenue was the last one to win the poll before Nancy’s, in 2013 when it garnered 40 percent of the 155 votes cast.

It was a tight race for second place most of the way but ultimately Tony’s Pizza Cafe on Broadway distanced itself to become the runner-up. Plum Tomato on St. Georges avenue and Nunzio’s II finished in a tie for third place, followed by Brooklyn Pizza on Race Street and Michelino’s Pizza on East Milton Avenue. Subworks on St. Georges Avenue also picked up a couple of votes.

I’d sure be curious what the “Other” options were that received some votes, particularly if they’re local Rahway places. Interestingly enough, last year’s poll also had four votes cast for “Other.”

Here are results from previous pizza polls over the years:

  • 2016: Nancy’s Towne House, 47 percent
  • 2015: Nancy’s Towne House, 35 percent
  • 2014: Nancy’s Towne House, 50 percent
  • 2013: Nunzio’s II, 40 percent
  • 2012: Nancy’s Towne House, 31 percent
  • 2011: Nancy’s Towne House, 26 percent
  • 2009: Rahway Pizza, 34 percent
  • 2008: Michelino’s/Nancy’s Towne House (tie), 27 percent