Pizza Pizza

It was a photo finish in this week’s Rahway Rising poll! “Who has the best pizza in Rahway?” yielded yet another new record for most votes cast with 30, up from 26 in the last poll.

Since it’s not a scientific poll of any kind, this is again assuming no one sat up at night (or got up early for that matter) manipulating it.

While there was no clear majority for any one establishment, some final-day votes pushed two places over the 50-percent mark combined.

Michelino’s, 27 percent (8/30)
Nancy’s Townhouse, 27 percent (8/30)
Other, 23 percent (7/30)
Adam’s, 7 percent (2/30)
Gino’s, 7 percent (2/30)

Ted’s, 7 percent (2/30)
Tony’s, 3 percent (1/30)

It was clear at least two pizzerias were ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, it’s anyone’s guess whether those seven Other votes were for one pizzeria or multiple pizzerias, as I haven’t figured out how to allow write-in votes in the poll, and no one took me up on my suggestion to post their Others in the comments section of blog entries. Regardless, it was another exciting poll for us here at RR, leaving us to wonder whether we should have included even more pizzerias in the poll, i.e., Rahway Pizza, Papa Vito. Perhaps we’ll have a runoff election later in the year, a virtual grudge match to decide once and for all.

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