Pizza and coffee

Some lighter fare today for your weekend reading. We talk about pizza aplenty here; maybe it’s rubbing off on others. At the risk of turning this into a pizza blog, there’s been a couple of pizza-related items in the past month.

New Jersey Monthly offered its “25 Perfect Pizzas” from around the Garden State as well as some “celebrity” pizza picks. (NJ Monthly is also conducting its annual Readers’ Choice Restaurant Poll.)

Then there was‘s Pizza Patrol finally wrapping up its statewide journey to find the best slice. Alas, there were no Rahway pizza joints in either list, although you can probably find some mention of a local place among the comments accompanying the story. I did randomly find one comment from the Munchmobile driver in response to a query about Nancy’s Townehouse (“Nancy’s a personal favorite, but we judged the other runners-up slightly better”), however, I didn’t get through all 10 pages (!) of comments to see if any other locals got a mention.


Not that it’s unexpected but it looks like Mr. G’s Coffee is “officially” gone. A “For Lease” sign was spotted in the window of the Carriage City Plaza coffee shop this week, along with the sign that appeared in December about being “closed for inventory.” Thanks to reader Sylvia for the tip!