Piece of Cake has plans for Decker’s Tavern site

An ice cream shop would replace a vacant package goods tavern if the Zoning Board of Adjustment gives its blessing next week.

8/16 UPDATE: The applicant decided to postpone the hearing until the Sept. 13 Sept. 14 meeting because only six of the seven Zoning Board members were present. A use change requires five affirmative votes.

Decker’s Tavern, at the corner of Jaques and West Inman avenues, closed several years ago and a proposal in November 2007 that sought to build two three-bedroom duplexes was rejected by the Zoning Board, fearing it was too intense for the site.

The Zoning Board is scheduled to take up the application at its meeting on Monday. The plan is to raze the existing two-story building and replace it with a 2 1/2-story building, featuring an ice cream shop on the first floor and one two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment on the second floor.The applicant, Gourmet Ice LLC, operates Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties, its manufacturing facility across the street at 62 W. Inman Ave.

The application requests three variances because retail and apartment is not permitted in the R-2 zone, front yard setback would be less than 25 feet, and maximum impervious coverage would be more than the allowed 60 percent.

A review of the application indicates that the existing 1,702-square-foot woodframe building would make way for a 2,729-square-foot masonry structure fronting West Inman Avenue. The new building would be set back a little further than the existing building, closer to its Jaques Avenue neighbor. The building would include a 1,266-square-foot commercial interior with two counters, along with six tables and seating for 12 along a proposed 665-square-foot portico stretching from West Inman to Jaques.

The apartment would be 2,094 square feet and there is a proposed two-story garage attached to the main building. A proposed parking area of 4,570 square feet would accommodate nine parking spaces, including one handicapped, with an entrance and exit along West Inman Avenue, replacing an existing 2,940-square-foot asphalt area along West Inman.

Gourmet Ice acquired the tavern property in December 2009 for $225,000, according to property records. The former Decker’s Tavern was purchased from the estate of John Decker in November 2006 for $280,000, according to PropertyShark.com. Assessed at $188,500, the 0.2801-acre site pays more than $9,200 in annual property taxes.