Park to be named for native killed in Vietnam

The park under construction on Essex Street will be named for Myron Ross, a Marine from Rahway who was killed in the Vietnam War.

Construction began in October and a dedication ceremony is expected later this year.

The City Council last month increased the bond ordinance for the park by $175,000, to $1.225 million, which includes $500,000 from a state Green Acres loan. City Administrator Peter Pelissier said the extra funds were the result of additional remediation needed at the site.

In 2002, the city dedicated Berzinec Park, which was named for William Berzinec, who also was killed in Vietnam. The site at Central and St. Georges avenues was home to the former public library until it was flooded by Tropical Storm Floyd in September 1999.

6 thoughts on “Park to be named for native killed in Vietnam”

  1. That’s a nice gesture; it’s good to see Rahway’s vets being remembered for the sacrifices they made.On a more light-hearted but related note, I think William Berzinec, were he alive today, would agree that the park bearing his name could use some swings for the little ones.

  2. The gazebo really adds to the park,at least you’ll be able to sit in the shade after sweating off the pounds. On another note I saw an inspection notice for “cuppys” with an approval. The name on it was for Mr G’s cafe. I was wondering what you may know about this Mark?

  3. Went to the bar in Skyview on Sunday and wasn’t impressed. The menu was uninspired. We got the crab dip and a chicken pizza to share. Wouldn’t go back especially after they charged me 7 bucks for a vodka tonic and a $1.50 N/A alcohol tax? What is the deal with that? $8.50 for a watered down vodka tonic in an empty bar. Weak….

  4. Matthew, in the photos for RiverPlaceRahway, there is a photo of a local park and playground that shows a nice play area for kids. I don’t know if its just for the River Place residents but maybe they open it up to other residents? It looks nice but I have never been able to figure out where it is.

  5. Thanks for the heads up about a possible RiverPlace park, anon. I saw the photo you’re talking about, I’m not sure what park that is, but it might be Berzinec Park or Rahway River Park.Either way, I took a close look at the photo … no swings! Don’t get me wrong, Berzinec Park is nice, with lots of stuff for kids … except swings. I thought swings were standard playground equipment … I wonder if it’s a liability thing?

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