Park Square update: October

The first rental units of Park Square are expected to come on line by October. Once the exterior brickwork is finished on the four-story development, streetscape along Irving Street will begin, with a target of Sept. 1.

Certificates of occupancy will be done by floor — about 20 units at a time — said Eric Harvitt of Keasbey-based Landmark Companies during a tour of the project earlier this month.

The Main Street side of the project (right) is expected to be completed in about 18 months and should move quicker since there are no design decisions to make, as it’s very similar to the Irving Street structure.

Park Square will have 159 rental apartments: 63 units on Irving along with 7,000 square feet of retail space, and 96 units on Main Street, with a courtyard and driveway between the two buildings. Retail tenants also are expected to begin operation by the fall; they are in discussions with a coffee/teahouse and an optometrist.

The project broke ground more than a year ago and occupies a block of downtown that once housed, among other things, a bank, hardware store, boarding house, gas station and thrift shop.