New executive director to be appointed

The three-member screening committee appointed by the Redevelopment Agency to review resumes of candidates for executive director didn’t have much work to do. The agency is poised to appoint the lone applicant for executive director at its meeting on Wednesday.

The agenda for Wednesday’s meeting includes Resolution 49-14, which if approved would appoint Leonard Bier as executive director, with annual compensation of $70,000.

The committee met on Thursday with Bier to interview him before recommending him to the agency, according to the resolution. The agency had advertised for candidates, with resumes due Oct. 15, and received just one resume. Bier sent a letter of interest and resume (pages 16-36 of this attachment) dated Oct. 13. Included among his references (Page 36) was Armando Sanchez, who worked with him at the Parking Authority and was appointed to the Redevelopment Agency in September, in addition to being appointed to the agency’s screening committee.

Bier has served in a variety of capacities for the Parking Authority since 1993, including executive director, chief of staff, general counsel and consultant. He noted in his letter of interest that he’s been actively involved in planning for the 196-unit Main & Monroe development, and selection of the redeveloper for the 136-unit River Place development on Lewis Street.

Peter Pelissier stepped down as executive director, effective Sept. 30, after Interim Mayor Samson Steinman revamped the agency, replacing four of the seven commissioners ahead of the September meeting.

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