Nail salon expands to former dance space

Paris Nails last month expanded into the former Union County Dance Academy at 1542 Irving St. The dance academy left last spring for a new space in Linden.

No word on details of the lease, but the property last exchanged hands in 1998 for $600,000, according to

Thanks to Bob Markey of the Chamber of Commerce for the photo. I’ll be catching up on a few things, so look for multiple posts this week.


In another look at what other towns are doing with respect to their downtown or other commercial areas: Cranford considers pulling pay stations from Centennial Avenue parking areas. In this case, it’s not the downtown area – a point the mayor makes in the story – but also, the pay stations generate $7,000 in annual revenue but cost $9,000 to operate. The story quotes the mayor as saying the pay stations “place a burden on the business district that is still attempting to gain its footing.”