Mr. G’s Coffee ‘coming soon’

It looks safe to say that Cuppy’s Coffee is D.O.A. in Rahway.

After months of speculation about the coffee shop at Carriage City Plaza, a “Coming Soon” sign appeared with Mr. G’s Coffee in the last few days. Only assorted city permits for plumbing, interior work, etc., adorned the Irving Street storefront in recent months, with some renovations evident. From the sidewalk, it looks like a counter is being built along the right side of the interior.

When the space will be occupied probably depends on one’s definition of “coming soon.” (Is it a “coming soon” like KC Jazz Cafe?) Either way, it looks hopeful since there’s also a sign advertising for employees and wait staff. And when it rains it pours: I’ll post tomorrow about details of the chai place that reader Realist mentioned a few weeks back.
The site plan for Carriage City Plaza indicates two more tenants for spaces for the corner of Lewis and Irving streets. Judging by that plan, the Mr. G’s space looks to be at least 1,000 square feet.

5 thoughts on “Mr. G’s Coffee ‘coming soon’”

  1. Too funny about KC Jazz. I always laugh when I see that “Coming Soon” sign hanging at the future site of KC Jazz.Eagerly anticipating the opening of the Chai place and now Mr. G’s. I am seeing more people (Skyview folks?) wandering around downtown Rahway each weekend with a look of “where the heck is everybody” on their face. Hopefully soon they will find new places to migrate to and enjoy each others company.

  2. I know the feeling: Rahway downtown has been a ghost town most of the times I’ve been there. I’m hopeful that when/if Park Square opens up, and Skyview either sells or rents out the rest of its units, the foot traffic will increase to the point where new businesses will open up, and existing businesses will actually stay open for the weekend.

  3. Just for future reference to Mark and the regular readers of this blog, I don’t generally respond to Anonymous posts seeking to dissect what I write after this one. Anon 1:34pm, either you are a simpleton or simply an ass. I suspect its the later.I didn’t say I noticed “a lot” more people walking around. I said I am seeing “more” people. Since there are usually NO people walking around downtown, when I notice 2 or 3, that qualifies as more.When I pass them by in my car they seem to have a look on their face that says “I thought this was the next Hoboken, so where IS everyone?”I admit, they could just as easily be thinking to themselves “did I leave the oven on?”

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