More redevelopment areas under consideration

The Rahway Redevelopment Agency might consider more areas of the city for possible redevelopment. City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier asked commissioners at their meeting last month to think about other areas for redevelopment to discuss at their next meeting. The agency next meets Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.

Pelisser suggested considering areas like Monroe Street near the substation (across the Rahway River, photo at left), to entertain Requests For Proposals (RFPs) of what a developer might come up with for redevelopment. That area is mostly made up of parking and body shops now. “It’s on the periphery of the redevelopment area,” he said, but would like it to be considered.

Agency Secretary Cynthia Solomon reported that Commissioner Carlos Garay, who was absent at the January meeting, suggested another area to be looked at is Lincoln Plaza along Route 27 (photo at right). At the Colonia border, the area is still within Rahway and includes The Chowder Pot (an inactive liquor license), along with several other active storefronts.

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