Medical office rising on St. Georges Avenue

A new medical office building has sprouted up on St. Georges Avenue in recent months. A single-family home with a garage and shed were demolished to make way for the two-story, 5,000-square-foot medical office directly across the street from Billy Court and near the entrance to Rahway River Park.

The Zoning Board heard the application in March 2009 (.pdf) and unanimously approved it, 7-0, in April 2009 (.pdf). Variances were needed because the medical office use is not allowed in the R-2 residential zone. Testimony included some concerns from neighbors about allowing the facility in a residential zone and aesthetic issues regarding a fence. A traffic engineer testified that no left turn would be allowed onto St. Georges Avenue by vehicles exiting the property, which will have 33 parking spaces.

Below is a Google Street View of what stood on the site previously:

3 thoughts on “Medical office rising on St. Georges Avenue”

  1. I live around the corner from this building. It is very large and doesn't really fit in with the neighborhood. However, it is certainly better than an empty or dilapidated lot. Do we know what type of doctor/s will be moving in? Hopefully, a generalist who we can all use.

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