Mayoral candidate: Pat Cassio, Republican

Note: The two major-party candidates for mayor were invited to submit a blog post (no more than 750 words) about their redevelopment platforms. The entries were edited only for spelling and style, if necessary. Also on the ballot in the Nov. 2 election are three At-large City Council seats. Today’s post comes from Republican Pat Cassio. Democrat Rick Proctor will appear Tuesday morning.

If I am elected the mayor, I will provide the strong leadership Rahway needs to help the downtown business community become more successful and viable. We would assemble a solid team of engineering, economic and legal advisers. We have met with several highly qualified professionals already.

Our administration will have diverse opinions that represent our community. We would bring people together like the Chamber of Commerce and listen to their ideas. We would listen to the citizens and residents living in the downtown.

My background is construction. I know we can get these stalled projects moving again with the focus on more retail. My administration would work every day to reach out to national chains to come here and invest. If we have to go one shop at a time, we will. A hardware store, a middle size grocery store, a bakery, a craft store, a dollar store, and more retail such as electronics.

The concept of making Rahway an arts destination would still continue. I would ask some of the same players to stay involved. The role of government would be a little more limited but we would support the good work being done in this area. We need a balance of business and arts downtown. City Hall should not favor one over the other.

Finally, the parking situation would be studied and revamped to help business and shoppers.

Thank you for allowing me this time and I encourage everyone to vote Nov. 2.