Little Portugal ‘coming soon’ to former Nile space

A restaurant called Little Portugal is “coming soon” to the former home of The Back Porch and The Original Nile.

The Original Nile opened in summer 2008, replacing The Back Porch bar and grill.

The space has been vacant since The Original Nile closed in the fall of 2009.

The site technically is a Main Street address but is located behind Main Street, overlooking the parking and rear of the River Place apartments. There’s pedestrian access to the site from Main Street via a walkway next to the Rahway Art Hive.

Thanks to a couple of readers who mentioned this development over the last week or so, including Sivyaleah, and an anonymous reader who had better luck (and less direct sunlight) snapping a photo.

8 thoughts on “Little Portugal ‘coming soon’ to former Nile space”

  1. It was a lack of foot traffic that eventually made the New Nile go under. We ate there a couple times when they first opened. The soul food was exceptional, but the owners complained of lack of customers and an ordinance by the city that prohibited them from having an adequate sign on Main Street to direct traffic to the restaurant. This was a family restaurant, originally established in Elizabeth. They were in business for 30 years, and tanked after just a year in Rahway. I hope this new restaurant fares better.

  2. Be careful with the owner of this new place. He has had numerous restaurants open in the past which have closed down within 1 year. Also, he used to be a used car salesman. He will sell you anything!!!

  3. Looking forwarded for little portugal to open. The owners of this new place are great, followed them from their past restaurants which they built from the ground up and are also still open. The owners are very friendly and always give discounts to firer fighters, police officers and local town works. The flavor from their past restaurants is amazing the other BBQ places just do not compare. Once you try the coming little portugal you will under stand. Best wishes to the owner

  4. The restaurant has definitely come a long way from what it used to be and the renovations are great. The service was great and the server was very accommodating to our needs and made sure we were satisfied. I would return back because the food was delicious…….compliments to the chef and best of luck to them. Everyone was very pleasant and can't wait to see what the restaurant has to offer in our neighborhood.

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