Former Koza’s Bar comes down this week

Demolition of Koza’s Bar started on Monday, two years after an initial proposal to build 12 units at the site was rejected.

The developer returned to the Zoning Board in October 2008 with a revised plan for nine units in a two-story structure at the West Scott Avenue site, which is about 0.88 acres. Final site plan approval was granted early this year and demolition was expected in the spring.

At that time, the developer hoped to put them on the market for about $350,000 but did not rule out renting the condos until the real estate market improves. The three-bedroom units will be about 1,600 square feet.

Thanks to reader Christine who tipped me off via the Rahway Rising Facebook page when demolition began on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Former Koza’s Bar comes down this week”

  1. 3BR units! Wow, I thought those were not even possible in Rahway.Question, I noticed that Mr. G's windows are papered over in the retail ground floor level of Skyview. Sign on window says closed for holidays and inventory. Is it regular practice to paper over windows to take inventory? Never seen anything like that before.

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