Irving-Fulton realignment

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Intersection improvements at Irving Street and East Milton Avenue are expected to begin next month, and wrap up by April, the same time the hotel is scheduled to open. Improvements will include the realignment of Irving and Fulton streets, as well as signalization. The winning bid came in at about $875,000, which the City Council on Monday night officially accepted from Rahway-based Berto Construction.
For the realignm
ent, Irving Street will be shifted west slightly, taking a portion of Train Station Plaza — City Administrator/Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier estimated “up to the first planter.”
alization also could be coming to the five corners intersection on the other end of Irving Street, where it crosses Main and Hamilton streets and Central Avenue. The city engineer has been asked to determine the costs of signalization, Pelisser said, which could come later this spring or summer.