Hot Rods and Harleys a hit

Blog readers seemed to enjoy Hot Rods and Harleys, according to our latest poll. But while half of those who voted thought it was great, almost a quarter didn’t even attend the event. What gives?

“How did you like Hot Rods and Harleys?”
50 percent, Great! Plenty to see and do (20/40)
22 percent, Didn’t go, not my thing (9/40)
20 percent, OK, but would prefer more vendors (8/40)
5 percent, Liked the $2 Miller Lite specials a little too much (2/40)
2 percent, Good, a little overwhelming (1/40)

Any thoughts on how to improve Hot Rods and Harleys? What would make those other 22 percent of you go? Should there be more events like it thoughout the year?

We’ll take a break from poll questions this week but if anyone has suggestions, we’ll post our favorite next week.

4 thoughts on “Hot Rods and Harleys a hit”

  1. I voted that I did not go but I was forced into also saying it was “not my thing”. I actually would have really liked to go but I was away on vacation. Hopefully next year I will be there….

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