Gimme an I-G-O

On our way to check out Saturday’s block party on East Cherry Street, my eagle-eyed girlfriend Kathleen spotted some lettering near the roof of the Hotel Indigo at Sky View. There was no sign of the letters Tuesday night on my way to a City Council meeting.


On Friday night, my friend Vince and I were at Luciano’s for a few drinks. The Alice Project entertained the bar/lounge, which was pretty crowded when we arrived around 9:30 but cleared out by 10:30. The Alice Project has played Luciano’s before but their one-of-a-kind cover of “Video Killed The Radio Star” was unique enough for me to take a chance on their latest album. Their sound reminded me a little of Sheryl Crow or more precisely, (and more obscure), Marry Me Jane. I would definitely check them out next time they’re around.

I’ll be catching up on some posts the rest of this week, so be sure to check back.