Former El Bodegon reopens tonight as Patria

The former El Bodegon reopens tonight as the Patria Restaurant & Mixology Lounge, 169 W. Main St., hosts its grand opening at 8 p.m. after almost 10 months of renovations. It’s the second Rahway restaurant to reopen this month.

Billed as Latin fusion (Cuban/Peruvian/Mexican), Patria has been undergoing extensive interior renovations since El Bodegon closed in February. For a peek at what it looks like, check out this video. While the Patria website is under construction, it’s nice to see they at least have an active Facebook page.

Patria is part of a group of restaurants that includes two Elizabeth establishments, Kafe Lounge and Club Coco Bongo.

7 thoughts on “Former El Bodegon reopens tonight as Patria”

  1. I was there for the Grand Opening as well as for dinner after. It is a very beautiful place, with great food, and great service. I was very pleased.

  2. I sure hope I like it. The loss of El Bodegon was a painful hit. That place was an experience. It was like stepping into a spanish restaurant in the past. Oh well. At least the name addresses tradition. Hopefully its not a fly by night place.

  3. My wife and I ate there last night. I had Paella and she had the skirt steak. The portions were large. She also had the mushroom soup that she loved. Both entrees were good also. The Paella was a bit salty and the mussels were "fishy", but other than that it was good.The decor was nice with a red glow, and the tables were nicely separated. The only problem was that there was a large party (celebrating a birthday) so it was a bit loud. The background music had a great latin beat at times.We also had a carafe of sangria, which really came in an oversize mason jar. That was unique! My wife is a huge sangria fan and she loved it, even though she only had about a glass and a half. I was stuck drinking the rest (about 4 large glasses worth). Good thing we were walking home!We're planning on going back again.

  4. As I read these reviews, I ask myself what happened when I went there. Service was just awful, so bad that I would not go back for dinner, just drinks maybe not even since the bartneders were acting like had no idea what do. The food didn't impressed me, I had a skirt steak and I can tell the cheapen out on the cut of meat. The different areas are very pretty and the decor is just beautiful, but they kept playing loud music during dinner and or lowering it or cutting songs of drastically…I think the space can do better with a more experienced management.

  5. I was so excited to hear about a new high energy cool club that opened up in my area. Usually NYC is where find a place I love, and I have become a total tunnel crosser for the love a of great music and and a chance to pass the night away dancing and laughing with friends old and new. Patria was a great night,the food was great and fresh.They served late and the atmosphere was up beat and great fun. The staff was friendly and focused…..Great find

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