Follow Rahway Rising now on Twitter

Rahway Rising has joined the so-called Twittersphere starting tomorrow (July 1); follow us @RahwayRising on Twitter.

For as annoying as it can seem at times, Twitter does provide a rather unique service, particularly when you use it as a real-time search engine or breaking news (see Michael Jackson, but also see Jeff Goldblum). To tell the world what you’re doing every hour of the day, not so much, but I think it can drive some newcomers (and a fair share of Twitter spammers, I’m sure) to the blog, which helps when your marketing budget is zero. You can even just check us out without creating an account or being a follower by using the search engine page.

It’s not necessarily permanent. Like most everything on the blog, it’s experimental, so we’ll see how it works. Let me know what you think.