First sale of ’09 for Sky View at Carriage City Plaza

For the first time in about 50 weeks a unit sold in Sky View at Carriage City Plaza, according to property transaction records.

A two-bedroom closed Nov. 30 for $340,000, making it the first and only sale of 2009 so far. The previous sale occurred Dec. 11, 2008 (354 days earlier), when three properties closed, according to property records.

The latest sale would bring the total number of units sold in the 17-story, 222-unit complex to 58, at least according to property records. In October, we reported that another 43 units were rented. I was unable to get a more recent figure on the number of rentals, and there’s some discrepancy as to the number of units sold, between available property records (57) and what was mentioned several months ago (58). Carriage City is still offering rentals, including the first month free, and a “two-bedroom special” with first and last month’s rents free.

According to property records, the average sale price of the 56 units was $293,105, with a low of $216,350 (810 square feet, closed Sept. 2008) and a high of $444,000 (1,275 square feet, closed August 2008). Those records show 57 units sold but lack a price on one property.

The city’s tax office assessed the 57 units, 40 of which are one-bedrooms, at a total of $5.4 million this year, paying property taxes of $265,256 in all.


I’ll be back with some 2009 recap posts this weekend before a busy week next week. Happy New Year to our readers — all the best for 2010!