East Cherry Street eatery closes

After about 18 months in operation, Casa Borinquen on East Cherry Street closed last week. The eatery specializing in Puerto Rican fare opened in March 2010.

No word on why it closed. A sign posted in the window (below) explained that the last day was Dec. 16, thanked customers for their patronage, and noted that catering still will be available.

The East Cherry Street storefront has seen its share of tenants over the years. Taste of Portugal closed in the fall of 2009 and prior to that, the space was occupied by Eat To the Beat Cafe.

6 thoughts on “East Cherry Street eatery closes”

  1. bummer. with the waiting room so close they need to really have a very nice upscale place or they will fail again. we could use a nice steak joint .

  2. I agree with the 2nd comment. Service was not good at all, uninspired and food just adequate and even more so, frequently they would run out of items which were the most popular and they should have realized would be ordered the most. The last 3 times I tried to go in and get something to go, they didn't have what I wanted so I walked out. Also, I once asked if the fish on the menu was fresh fish or frozen. The girl at first said "oh yes, of course it's fresh" and then I said "are you sure?" and she said, "oh wait, I really don't know let me ask in back". Came back to me and said "no, it's frozen". Which of course I didn't want. Walked out on that one too. I don't serve frozen fish at home, I'm certainly not going to purchase it on purpose from a restaurant.I hardly ever saw anyone eating in there. I passed it every night on my way home from the train. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.No business can survive with people running it that act like they don't care, use ingredients that aren't first rate, run out of dishes on a frequent basis, and have staff that aren't even trained in what they are selling.No. Not surprised at all. Now when is that fish place across the street going to shut down? I'm surprised that one didn't go first. How that one is still open is beyond me. Far worse.

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