Drop in Rahway crime rate followed regional trend

Rahway’s 14-percent drop in crime last year followed a wider trend throughout the area of declining crime rates, including a 13-percent dip in Union County overall and a 4-percent drop statewide.

Rahway was among 16 of 21 municipalities in Union County that saw a drop in crime during 2013, according to the state’s Uniform Crime Report. Only five towns saw an increase and four of those were single digits, including 2 percent in Summit and 1 percent in Springfield. Linden saw the largest increase, up 22 percent.

Rahway’s overall crime index (the number of reported incidents per 1,000 residents) was 16.8 last year, sandwiched between Garwood (16.6) and Roselle (17.0), and the 8th highest / 14th lowest out of 21 towns. Among the 16 towns that saw a drop, four reported a smaller decrease than Rahway’s 14 percent. Other neighboring towns outside of the county also saw decreases, including Edison (-20 percent, 12.9), Metuchen (-11 percent, 13.6 percent), Woodbridge (-4 percent, 20.2) and Carteret (-7 percent, 16.4).

The median crime rate within Union County was 13.3 (Springfield) and the average among the 21 towns was 14.3.

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  1. Thats a lie, there are multiple robberies of citizens coming of the train station at night while the policve drive around and do nothing, but our police departmentb\ are really traffic cops not investigative police. We have gangs and vagrant individuals that dont live here trolling up and down milton ave every day. The police react only to residents of the town that pay thier salary. Rahway police are a bunch of CLOWNs in blue uniforms.

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