Downtown Options, Part Two

With my coffee shop rant out of the way, welcome to Part II on the most recent poll results, which had grocery/specialty food store garnering 44 percent of the vote, ahead of brewpub/bar/restaurant, 32 percent, and coffeehouse/bagel shop, 20 percent.

Downtown has more options when it comes to bars or restaurants than coffee shops: The Waiting Room, Flynn’s, Cubanu, Luciano’s, El Bodegon, David Drake (on a different level, but an option, maybe just not very often). I understand there was an effort in the early ’90s to bring a microbrewery into the Arts Guild building (the former city library) on Irving and Seminary, but it never materialized. If you’ve been to JJ Bitting or Triumph, (both near train stations…hmmm…), that’s the kind of place that could work in Rahway (though this place recently became my personal favorite — despite the lack of a nearby train station). Maybe it’s just me , but can’t you just picture those giant brewpub vats in a big storefront window downtown?
There are still a few liquor licenses in the city that are inactive or on the market, so there could very well be more options in the future, though some aren’t currently downtown. The Hotel Indigo currently going up will have a liquor license (anything 100+ rooms gets one), as will any hotel that will be part of the Town Center project on the City Hall property. Whatever you’d like to see downtown, whether it’s bars, restaurants, brewpubs, grocery stores or coffeehouses, remember the people who make the decisions are asking you’re opinion too, so check it out.

I’m open to any suggestions for future polls (above, right). I’m thinking maybe a more specific poll about restaurant options downtown. There’s Italian, Cuban, Portuguese, Irish, etc. Do you want to see different options? Thai? Greek? Canadian? Ruby Tuesday’s?!? Another poll question altogether?

The current poll will be up for a shorter period than usual, rapid-fire style, as I’m sure to be inundated with my call for suggestions for the next question. Get those ballots in, and don’t be afraid to write-in (just use the comments section of the current, or any, post); the list in the current poll could’ve gone on and on.