Dirt makes way for more parking near Lot B

Temporary sidewalks have been constructed along The Savoy site in recent weeks. The site has stockpiled some of the dirt from across the street adjacent to Lot B where additional surface parking is planned this summer.

Developer Dornoch offered to move as much dirt as possible from the area near Lot B to The Savoy site, according to City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier. Some of the soil from site was used to rebuild a temporary sidewalk along Main Street in front of The Savoy construction (a.k.a., “the heart of Rahway’s Gas Lamp Quarter”), and stockpiled on the site.

The city, county and Rahway Parking Authority (RPA) will team up on the improvements near Lot B, which is expected to add about 100 spaces to the current 65 available. Dornoch will lease the spaces to the Parking Authority. Lot B currently has a mix of two- and four-hour parking and some permit parking for merchants and employees, and RPA Executive Director Donald Andersen said the additional spaces likely will serve the same purposes, perhaps with some commuter parking available.

Dornoch originally had plans to build a mixed residential-retail project (The Westbury) at the Lot B site, along with a parking deck, which now is several years away at best.