Council introduces $130K SID budget

The City Council on Monday night introduced a $130,000 budget for the Special Improvement District (SID) budget, which now funds the Rahway Arts District. A public hearing on the SID budget will be held during the governing body’s Oct. 5 meeting.

The City Council this past spring shifted the taxes collected through the Special Improvement District from the Rahway Center Partnership to the Arts District.

Created in the early 1990s, the SID taxes some 165 downtown commercial properties an additional roughly 7 percent on top of the usual tax bill. The average tax for a SID property works out to about $790.

Among the highest taxpayers to the SID are:
* Carriage City Properties, 1423 Irving St., $10,792
* RSI Bank, 1500 Irving St., $9,556
* SDI Technologies, 1299 Main St., $7,191
* Rahway Office Center c/o Basad Realty Management, $6,146
* Raw Realty, 123 E. Milton Ave., $3,977


Not at all redevelopment related, but I know some who read this blog also watch “The Amazing Race”. This season, which premieres Sept. 26, will feature a Rahway resident among the contestants.