Council approves vacating 13 feet of Dock Street

The City Council unanimously approved vacating a portion of Dock Street that will allow the developer to redesign portions of Meridia Lafayette Village.

Ordinance 20-13 was introduced on April 8 and a public hearing was held Monday night before the governing body voted 7-0, with one member absent.

The 115-unit rental complex at Main and Monroe streets is expected to go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment on Monday night for a bulk variance to include the vacating of Dock Street and design modifications. The additional 13 feet that the project will extend into Dock Street will allow the redesign to open up some spaces and make it more marketable, according to the developer.

Once those approvals are granted, Capodagli Property Company will be ready to start to move forward on construction, Redevelopment Agency Director Peter Pelissier said at the May 1 Redevelopment Agency meeting. The project has received its sewer permit, he added.

4 thoughts on “Council approves vacating 13 feet of Dock Street”

  1. What exactly does "vacating" a street mean? Is the road going away, getting cut off, being made narrow, something else?Thanks!

  2. Colin,The earlier post, linked to at the bottom of the second paragraph, might explain it better.The property line of the project will extend 13 feet into Dock Street. So essentially, the road will narrow, allowing some more space for the development. Dock Street, which runs one-way, will still be open to vehicular traffic.If you click on the link to Ordinance 20-13 (in the 2nd sentence), Page 3 provides a tax map with a rather crude illustration of how far the property line will extend.

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