Cops begin moving into police center

The Police Department is expected to begin moving into the new police assistance center on East Cherry Street this week. Police Chief John Rodger said the Police Auxiliary, which had typically used the basement of City Hall, already has started using the facility.

The one-story structure originally had not been planned as a permanent police facility but will house the Juvenile Bureau, which must be separate from the Police Department, Rodger said.

He estimated the cost of renovations to be about $130,000 to $140,000, in addition to a number of in-kind donations of labor and materials, including some $30,000 in electrical work, as well as the new facade and marble counters. Much of the city’s cost went toward furniture and cameras and locks — once it was decided to bring in the Juvenile Bureau — and was included in a $1-million bond ordinance approved by City Council in April.

No one under arrest will be brought to the building, Rodger said, adding that officers on duty will be able to use the facility to complete reports. Hours of operation are to be determined but it’s not expected to be a 24-hour operation.

The former Beverage Shop building was acquired by the city in March 2010 for $80,000, which was included in a bond ordinance later that spring.

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