Cool Hand Luke easily tops the poll

It’s clear which Paul Newman film RR readers prefer. I’d say the top three in our latest poll are the ones he’s probably most well known for generally, although I was surprised how poorly The Hustler and The Color of Money fared.

Each option garnered at least one vote, and I tried to offer a smattering of choices, from old to newer to comedy or drama. There were a few that I wanted to squeeze into the list (The Hudsucker Proxy, probably one of his least known and most underrated), but we got to 10 pretty fast.

As always, our polls are anything but scientific:

“If the UCPAC were to screen Paul Newman films, which would you like to
Cool Hand Luke, 52 percent (18/34)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 38 percent (13/34)
The Sting, 35 percent (12/34)
Slap Shot, 20 percent (7/34)
The Hustler, 17 percent (6/34)
The Long, Hot Summer, 17 percent (6/34)
Fort Apache the Bronx, 14 percent (5/34)
Absence of Malice, 8 percent (3/34)
Hud, 8 percent (3/34)
The Color of Money, 5 percent (2/34)

The poll was borne out of an earlier post in which we suggested the arts center show some Newman films since he passed away in September. Maybe take a slow weekend and show a movie Friday and double features Saturday and Sunday?

We’ll try to get back to posting a poll every couple of weeks. Watch out for new ones, and maybe even some repeats since we have more readers lately, and don’t be shy about suggestions. Enjoy.