Concerts and comedy

For the second straight time, our poll ended in a tie, with two options garnering a strong majority of the votes.

“What would you like to see at the Union County Performing Arts Center?”

Concerts, 36 percent (9/25)
Standup comedy, 36 percent (9/25)
Plays/musicals, 16 percent (4/25)
Movies, 8 percent (2/25)
Other, 4 percent (1/25)

The last poll also finished in a tie, and there was no word on what that “Other” vote might have been. Feel free to use the comments section to fill us in.

It was interesting that “standup comedy” finished first considering the plans to create a black box theater and performing arts space down the street, that’s always been talked about for a comedy club. The question also remains, what kind of concernts might people want to attend? There’s been no shortage of Paul Anka or Dar Williams at the arts center over the years; is that filling a need, or are people looking for something else? Interesting that plays/musicals only garnered four votes, as the center’s expansion included making more space for larger productions (as well as adding air conditioning for year-round use). Personally, I love when old-school movies that you’d never see on the big screen anywhere else, like Easy Rider or Citizen Kane, are screened at the UCAC.

The arts center likely will reopen next month following a year-long, $6-million expansion by the county. The 1928 facility will have an “updated” name, adding “performing” to its moniker. Check out the new poll question to the right, as well as the new option to subscribe to the blog via email.

5 thoughts on “Concerts and comedy”

  1. I heard a Starbucks and a steak restaurant are in the works to be added to the retail space of the Skyview condo building. How awesome is that if it happens!As for the Arts Center, I thought the old school movie idea was great.BTW, love the website!!

  2. If we’re going with overpriced coffee and food, I prefer Atlanta Bread Co. over Starbucks, but maybe just because they’re not as omnipresent. But I won’t be picky and pass on a downtown Starbucks today, although they are closing 100 stores nationally: representative from Silcon confirmed for me that they are in “serious talks with a steakhouse operator that is a New Jersey institution.” My first thought was Tiffany’s but they’re more known for ribs, aren’t they? Someone else suggested Arthur’s, which I believe has few NJ locations. Ruth’s Chris is more a NY institution, no?They also said the hotel is supposed to open June 1, along with the restaurant, with residents moving into the condos in May.

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