Coming soon: New train station stairs?

Be still my heart, it looks like there’s a possibility that the stairs at the Train Station could be repaired by spring.

A recent addition to the board blocking access to the center stairs, near the taxi stand, is a poster that reads similarly as this station advisory on the NJ Transit website (though neither are dated specifically (so let’s hope it’s not a stretch that I’m assuming it means mean May 2011):

“The stairway serving the center of the inbound/eastbound platform (near the elevator) remains closed for necessary repairs. NJ Transit is working through the required permit process and expects construction to begin mid-March and continue through early May.”

An April 2, 2010 advisory noted that the stairs would be closed until further notice for “necessary repairs.” A year later and it would appear the “necessary repairs” were slowed up by the permit process, necessary approvals and paperwork. Just a guess, as there’s no word from NJT.

The most information I could come up with were in the comments to this blog post last year, where readers posted the responses they got from NJT’s customer service: Something about a re-design and approval required from the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Who knows, maybe it had to re-bid as well, which would cost a few months at least. I say, let’s have an anniversary party.