City explores privately-built parking deck

City officials are planning to meet with developers about possibly constructing a privately-built parking deck.

Redevelopment Director and City Administrator Peter Pelissier said Clay Bonny of Heartstone Development knows a parking deck developer who has some interest in Rahway. Heartstone is the developer behind River Place on Lewis Street and Station Place, which is planned for the A&M Tool Supply site on Campbell Street.

Several lots within the downtown area might be considered for a privately-built deck, Pelissier said, including behind RSI bank on Irving Street and a few Main Street properties across from Coach Street currently owned by Ray-Lor, LLC, which owns several properties in the downtown area. A facility near Elizabeth Avenue “could feed that part of town,” Pelissier said.

The city is tight on parking as it is, particularly when events are held at the arts center, he said. “We’re going to feel it when more units are built, that’s why you’ve got to jump on parking,” Pelissier said during a Redevelopment Agency meeting earlier this month.