City Council to appoint interim mayor Sept. 25

The City Council is expected to meet Sept. 25 to choose among three nominees to fulfill the remaining 15 months of Rick Proctor’s term as mayor.

The municipal Democratic Committee will meet prior to the City Council‘s 6:45 p.m. special meeting to come up with three nominees. The 48-member committee is required to offer three nominees to the governing body within 15 days (Sept. 25) of the mayor’s resignation.

Proctor’s resignation on Sept. 10 set into motion a process that requires the Democratic Committee to submit three nominees to the City Council, which must appoint an interim mayor within 30 days. City Council President Samson Steinman, who also serves as chairman of the Democratic Committee, has been acting mayor since the resignation and is expected to be a leading candidate to become interim mayor.

If Steinman is appointed interim mayor, it would create a vacancy in the 6th Ward council seat. The Democratic Committee and City Council would then follow the same process to appoint someone to serve in the 6th Ward until November 2014, when the next municipal election is held, since Steinman’s term does not expire until December 2016.