City Council renews $80k arts center contract

City Council renewed a one-year, an $80,000 contract with the Union County Performing Arts Center on an “as-needed basis for arts-based programs for the public.”

The governing body unanimously adopted a resolution (AR-84-16) at its March 14 regular meeting. Under state public contracts law, professional services can be defined as “services rendered in the provision or performance of goods or services that are original and creative in character and a recognized field of artistic endeavor.”

UCPAC frontCity Administrator Cherron Rountree said the arts center and staff are used for downtown events throughout the year in addition to the facility on Irving Street being used for various events, including educational programming for children, and the like. City Council awarded a similar contract last year.

The 88-year-old arts center reported revenue of about $880,000 against expenses of $967,000 (a deficit of almost $87,000), according  to its most recent tax form, for Fiscal Year Ending 2014. Ticket sales and theater rental each made up about a third of total revenue. It’s the second year in a row that expenses outpaced revenue, and the second straight year that revenue has declined. The 2014 figure was among the lowest in the last five years for the arts center.

Last year, the arts center appointed a new executive director.